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Instance Auditor (Jira)

Instance Auditor (Jira) is your key to knowing exactly what's in your instance so you can proactively remove clutter and inactive projects, schemes, custom fields, etc. Performing a migration or consolidation? Obtain key information from the source instances and clean them up for a safer, smoother migration or consolidation.


Instance Auditor (Confluence)

Instance Auditor (Confluence) is your key to knowing exactly what's in your instance so you can proactively remove clutter such as inactive spaces. You can also discover what templates and themes exist in your instance. Instance Auditor (Confluence) allows you to see users and groups that have access to your instance and monitor their growth for easy cleanup.

Marketplace Apps from Partners

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence

Easy custom charts for Jira and Confluence make your reports and dashboards amazing and easy to read. The powerful drag-and-drop interface with custom JQL features is designed so even non-technical users can use it. Custom Charts is available for Cloud, Server, and Data Center for Jira and Confluence.

External Share for Jira and Confluence

Email time-limited password-protected links to your Jira issues and Confluence pages. See what Jira issues or Confluence pages have been shared by your users – copy, delete, turn off, or resend as needed. Granular permissions mean you can share Jira Issues, and choose whether or not to share their sub-tasks.

Agile Planning Boards for Jira

With Planning Boards for Jira, you can import handwritten notes, convert them to Jira issues, pull in existing Jira issues, take Jira actions, and basically build any kind of board you want. Populate your board with handwritten notes and existing Jira issues in seconds. Organize and visualize your Jira issues in all kinds of ways. Take any Jira action using drag and drop.

Microsoft 365 for Jira

One app for team-centric work: Connect Outlook, Microsoft Teams and To Do with Jira and smoothly work with the tools you need. Include all your colleagues, get your tasks done effortless and happily flow through your daily work. Involve all your team members no matter in which tool they work. One app – one well-assorted toolbox. Improve response and resolution time with cross-tool communication in real-time. Enhance transparency and make information accessible for everyone in Jira or your Office tools.

Power BI Connector for Jira

Explore and analyze your Jira data with Power BI. Combine Jira and other data sources with Power Query for complex data models. Merge Jira data with other sources. Export Jira data with no-code user experience. Visualize it in Microsoft Power BI. Schedule refreshes to get actual Jira reports to a needed time. Use filters to select the data you need. Create rich, interactive reports and dashboards based on Jira data. Export apps and custom fields data easily. Build your own visualizations in Power BI to explore Jira data.


JXL combines the power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets. Create and inline edit issues in highly customizable tables, copy and paste fields in bulk, group and structure your issues in custom hierarchies, and much more. JXL performs at any scale to save you clicks and hours, no matter what you use Jira for.