The Cleanup

Introducing the Instance Auditor apps

RenWare looks to become a leader in administrator solutions in the Atlassian Marketplace. Our flagship product, Instance Auditor (Jira), is already gaining traction as one of the best solutions in the marketplace and Instance Auditor (Confluence) is making significant gains of its own. Our solutions aim to make the life of an Atlassian administrator easier and less cumbersome--especially for those large, legacy instances.

Native administrator functionality is outdated and annoying to use. If you have hundreds of old projects and spaces, you have to delete them one-by-one which is extremely time consuming so no one ever wants to tackle that effort. You also have to spend time identifying candidates for removal and when you need to hold additional discussions, you can't export the data or present it in a manner that easy to digest.

Our Instance Auditor apps take care of all of this and more for clients that install and use them. Read below to see how our apps saved clients time, money, and effort when they needed to cleanup their instances and get them back to optimal performance and reduce user complaints.

Helping clients clean their instance clutter

RenWare was approached by several clients that were experience degradation in the Jira and Confluence cloud instances. Poor performance led to an increase in user complaints and the Atlassian administrators were becoming bogged down with requests to fix the issue. The client instances ranged from 1,000 - 5,000 users and 200 - 600 Jira projects and Confluence spaces.

Using our internal instance checklist, RenWare worked closely with each client to determine the root cause of the performance impact. Additionally, our certified experts provided guidance and implemented processes to help each client avoid future performance issues using our Instance Auditor apps.

Our team of certified experts are all Atlassian administrators with business expertise so clients get the best of both worlds instead of paying other Atlassian partners for multiple resources to address the same issue.

Using our Instance Auditor apps and our internal performance issue checklist, we were able to identify that each client's Jira and Confluence cloud instances contained hundreds of old, unused Jira projects and spaces, as well as issue types, workflows, custom fields, screens, and schemes in Jira and templates in Confluence. Our Instance Auditor apps allow our team to review the instance data in numerous views and provides accurate totals for all Jira and Confluence content that is not possible with Atlassian's native functionality.

The amount of clutter and legacy content is nothing new as our team of certified experts are all Atlassian administrators so we understand how client's reached their respective points of performance impacts.

Natively, Jira and Confluence cloud do not allow the exporting of data in a manner that is easily digestible for owners and stakeholders. Client administrators were left trying to piecemeal the data for presentation purposes, but were unsuccessful as the interfaces where the screenshots originated were missing critical details, associations and dependencies.

Our team demonstrated how the client's administrators could use our Instance Auditor products by showing/hiding columns, rearranging the columns with our built-in drag/drop feature, and how they could display the associations and dependencies that are vital to any discussion regarding the removal of data from the Jira and Confluence cloud instances.

Also, our team provided critical knowledge of Jira and Confluence cloud regarding the removal of content. For example, it was a common misconception in Jira that when the project was deleted that everything associated with that project was removed. The second misconception was that the removal of Jira projects was isolated to the that project--the client's management teams were unaware of the sharing capabilities of the products (ex. sharing a Workflow Scheme across many projects).

After each client communicated our findings to the owners and stakeholders, we were able to proceed with bulk removing all of the unwanted data in their Jira and Confluence cloud instances and reclaim valuable instances resources. Removing the clutter also decreased filter times--yes some clients had poor filters that were searching the clutter when they were executed. We also provided insights on how to use the Instance Auditor apps to monitor growth in their instances and taking snapshots in time for concrete growth metrics.

By using our Instance Auditor apps, clients stated that they recognized huge savings because the identification, exporting data, and cleanup were all automated. Some shared the costs they were expecting and high-level details other partners submitted to do the same cleanup. In summary, what the clients thought would take weeks or months was easily accomplished in just a few days.

"The Instance Auditor apps are a dream! The most powerful administrator apps in the Atlassian Marketplace by far. These apps avoid all of the cumbersome clicking around by centralizing all of the information an administrator would need to identify clutter, the owners of that clutter and just get a feel for how the Atlassian products are being used. The apps also provide beautiful visuals that further enhanced my experience by summarizing key totals in a single screen. My life has been much easier since installing these apps."  - Sr. Atlassian Administrator

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