Starting a cleanup revolution

Instance Auditor (Jira) is our flagship app for cleaning up your Jira cloud instance. Get visible totals of everything in your instance. Easily cleanup using the bulk deletion feature. Export your data for further discussions or for snapshots in time. Monitor your growth over time to ensure you instance is always performing at its best.

Migrating to cloud? Consolidating cloud instances? Instance Auditor (Jira) allows you to cleanup then migrate or migrate then cleanup, whichever approach works best for your efforts.

Jira administrators no longer have to be burdened with massive cleanup efforts. Instance Auditor (Jira) allows you to cleanup in seconds-to-minutes, not weeks-to-months.

Instance Auditor (Jira) - Active Projects

Project Details

Learn about the projects in your instance. Whether they're active, archived, or in the trash bin. Know when the projects were last used and determine if the should be deleted using the bulk delete feature.
Instance Auditor (Jira) - Workflows

Issue Types, Workflows and much more

Monitor items that increase clutter quickly in Jira. Avoid duplication by reviewing listings of items that serve the same purpose or are actual duplicates. Determine whether they can be bulk deleted or not.
Instance Auditor (Jira) - Schemes

Jira Schemes

Schemes are core to the successful use of Jira. If you don't have templates or standardization, they can get out of control and negatively impact your instance. Bulk delete and cleanup lightning fast.
Why customers choose us?
Centralized view of your data

No more clicking all over the place to get critical information about your instance. Our tabular format provides detailed, centralized information for easy review.

Quick, easy bulk cleanup

Unlike native Jira, Instance Auditor (Jira) allows bulk removal so you clean up in minutes, not weeks. Visible totals ensure you know what's in your instance.

Export your data

Show/Hide columns and drag & drop them into the order you wish to see them to view the data you care about most. Then export the data for detailed discussions.

Migrate to the cloud, then clean

There are plenty of times when you just want to get your migrations done and clean later. Migrate with confidence and know that post-migration cleanups are now easy.

Compare Native Jira to Instance Auditor (Jira)

Instance Auditor (Jira) vs Native Jira

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