Atlassian and the HR Experience


A company in the customer service industry had a need to integrate their Human Resource (HR) onboarding processes with their Atlassian cloud instance. The goal was to have visibility and tracking of onboarding and off boarding employees within the company. Unlike a typical Jira setup, there was also a requirement to ensure sensitive data was not visible outside of the HR management team to avoid any conflicts with their existing compliances and regulatory requirements. The benefits of integrating the disparate systems were:

The number one complaint from all teams was that when new employees started, they rarely had what was required to do their jobs until 2-3 weeks after their start date. These types of delays are common when multiple systems are a part of the ecosystem and they are not integrated.

Instead of relying on manual intervention for a high percentage of the steps, the integration would allow automation to address the gaps so users did not have to worry about staying on top of mundane tasks.

All resources involved in the process could easily become busy with other daily tasks or putting out fires. It was critical to be able to implement a notification strategy that would help remind the resources they had tasks to complete to ensure a successful onboarding.

By leveraging Jira Software’s native functionality, the client would be able route and assign multiple requests to the appropriate team so work could be done in parallel instead of linear and thus, completed faster.

As both the HR system and Jira Software were cloud-based, the client could recognize all of the value and support that comes with using cloud-based systems and thus, removing the headaches associated infrastructure, firewalls, permissions, etc.

The Obstacles to Success

At the time this project was initiated, Atlassian had not create project templates specifically for HR so a non-HR template would be required with heavy customizations. Also, the client's onboarding tool, Greenhouse, did not have a direct integration to Jira Software and there wasn't an Atlassian App available to fill the void.

The RenWare Way

While this is not a typical engagement for our team of experts, the team jumped at the opportunity to show the power and flexibility of Jira Software.

Due to the unique nature of this engagement, it was critical to work with the client on their requirements to ensure they didn’t venture too far outside the scope of capabilities of Jira Software. After collecting the requirements, our delivery team reviewed them against the Jira Software feature set to ensure each requirement could be implemented in the solution.

As mentioned earlier, the Greenhouse HR system did not have direct integration capabilities to Jira Software. The team relied a single email to integrate the systems. Once an employee accepted their offer letter, the Greenhouse system would send an email that Jira would pick up and convert into an issue in the system.

Had this engagement been done in today’s Atlassian world, the team would have setup the appropriate project with a few simple clicks. Since that wasn’t an option at the time, our experts choose one of the existing templates and customized the issues types, workflows, custom fields and screen to match the client’s requirements.

Our team presented the client a several cloud apps that would address the encryption requirements the client provided to us. However, the purchase of an app was out of scope for the effort so our team was able to demonstrate the use of the built-in Issue Security Scheme to complete this requirement. By setting up the proper security scheme, the client was able to hide issues that contained sensitive data and only allow the HR management team to view those issues. The default setting was to hide all new issues so that the HR management team could triage the tickets and determine which ones should be exposed to the other members of the HR team as well as the other teams that would need to work on subtasks to satisfy the issue.

Based on the specific requirements and use cases, our experts implemented logic via automation rules that reviewed tickets of a specific type and based on field values, would automatically create the appropriate subtasks for the facilities, IT and HR teams to ensure cubicles, phones, PCs and/or laptops, docking stations, etc. were all setup before the new employee’s start date. Setting up a subtask system ensured that tasks could be done in parallel and independently assigned to the proper team. Without this configuration, the main ticket would only be assigned to one resource at a time and this would have added to the total overall time as all work would have been completed in a linear fashion.

Anyone that has used Jira Software to some length knows if the Notification Scheme is not setup properly, you can received a lot of emails in your inbox. However, those users’ tolerance levels are much higher than users that are brand new to the system. So great care was taken to ensure the number of emails being sent out were minimal and had a “real” purpose. The end configuration was each team that was required to do some work would be sent an email. That team would then assign a resource to the subtask. Once all subtasks were completed, the parent ticket would transition and send an email to the HR team that all work had been completed. To avoid being spammed with ticket updates, our team implemented a process of using the “mention” function when they needed someone’s attention.

This was not traditional scope creep, but our team always does its best to deliver complete solutions. So the team worked with the IT, development, sales, marketing and executive teams to define the type of hardware, access, and permissions a new employee would receive based on their job function. After all, a developer’s needs are different from an executive, right? 

The Results

In the end, our delivery team provided the client exactly what they were looking for and they were able to recognize savings and increased their onboarding success rate to 100%--meaning all new employees were setup a minimum of one week before their start date. We provided the necessary training to ensure the HR team was fully comfortable with Jira Software and how to navigate the user interface.

During the course of the engagement, our delivery team identified areas that would further enhance the HR teams adoption of the newly integrated systems. The following items were added to the engagement at no additional cost to the client:

  • Dashboards were created so all teams could easily track their work and the work of other teams.
  • A Confluence space was created that captured the HR teams processes and how-to documentation.
  • Additional automation was introduced to handle complex logic, making the transformation even easier to adopt.
  • Custom reports were created so that the HR team could show the executive sponsors the benefits of their investment.
  • We implemented an asset management system to assist IT with tracking the assets provided to new employees.

The IT team gave us high scores for implementing the asset management piece for their team. The ability to query the tickets for a specific employee’s name and retrieve the tag numbers assigned to that employee drastically reduced the time it took for them to off-board an employee as they knew exactly what assets the employee had in their possession. The executive team also provided glowing feedback and especially liked the implementation of the new HR Knowledge Base.


"As an HR executive, I am always looking for ways for my team to work more efficiently. RenWare was already engaged with us but in another department. After learning of the quality of work that RenWare was providing, I decided to meet with Lorenzo to determine if he could assist my efforts. I was pleasantly surprised when he informed me of his ideas to meet my business objectives as I was unaware that Jira Software could handle my team's needs. Not only did RenWare deliver a solution that solved all of our issues, their solution provided more than I knew I wanted. We cut costs, save a ton of time from start-to-finish with onboarding and got so much added value with off-boarding employees as well as creating our HR knowledge base. All of this without extra charges and SOW amendments. If you are looking for a quality Atlassian Solutions Partner, you should definitely consider RenWare."