The Cleanup Revolution


We were approached by several clients that complained that their Jira Software and Confluence cloud instances were operating so slow that complaints from users were rising and burdening their administrators. The instance sizes ranged from 1,000 - 5,000 users and 200 - 600 Jira Software projects and Confluence spaces. Everyone that approached us were existing clients and trusted our team of experts to find a solution to their problems. We used our existing assessment and audit checklists to generate a proposal that would entail:

In order to determine the root cause of the performance issues, our team needed to conduct a thorough review for each client and understand the day-to-day operations that were being impacted.

Our delivery team wanted to be sure that we presented our findings to help the client understand the impact to performance and the cost associated with resolving the issue(s).

As all of these clients were using the Atlassian cloud platform, they needed to understand what the next steps would be as their internal administrators did not have access to the hardware that was hosting their instances.

The Challenge

The main issue with being on the Atlassian cloud platform is that you do not have direct access to the log files and creating a backup and downloading it to work with offline in all cases would have been time consuming because each instance was large and complex. The other challenge was helping the client understand how Atlassian products work regarding the removal of project and spaces as they all assumed when projects and spaces were deleted that everything associated with them was deleted which is not the case.

The RenWare Way

Having done this hundreds, if not thousands of times, our founder and CEO decided it was time to provide clients with a more cost-effective solution vs the billing clients for the many hours it would take to manually count up all of the content (multiple times) and trying to determine when projects and spaces were last used and their sizes. It didn't hurt that he also loves learning new programming languages and using this knowledge to create solutions. Through his hard work, we were able to:

Our Instance Auditor (Jira) and Instance Auditor (Confluence) apps eliminate the manual steps and while they involve an extra cost, our delivery team was able to show the clients how much they were saving versus our team doing all of the work manually.

With our apps installed, we were able to easily reduce weeks worth of work into minutes by eliminating all of the manual counting and we greatly reduced meetings and communications with the client.

Over time, old projects and spaces build up and most clients have a tendency to just remove these items. However, they are all unaware that doing this produces orphaned schemes, content, and templates.

We often ask clients questions like, how many projects/spaces do they have? How many workflows, custom fields, screens, etc. are in the instance? Of course, they never really know the answers. The funniest Q&A session was when our team asked one of the clients how many JQL filters they had in their instance? The response was between 50-70 filters. Using our app, we were able to show them they had 2,200+.

We learned a long time ago that it is good to ask these questions and then show the client the actual numbers so they grasp the exact reasons why their instances are performing less than optimally.

Another time and effort saver that comes with our apps is the cleanup of the items. Jira Software and Confluence do not natively allow bulk deletion of this content and the primary reason clients fail to do the cleanup is that it is VERY time consuming. Using our apps makes life much easier and after making the required selections, the administrator clicks the delete button and it all goes away.

The Results

Once the cleanup was completed, all of the clients reported significant performance gains. We worked with each client to generate both a cloud and server backup of their instances. We also provided wiki pages in Confluence that contained instructions for proper restoration just in case it was needed. Finally, we showed the client how to use our apps to track future trends and spikes for proper monitoring. This allowed them to be more proactive with their cleanup activities to avoid future operational issues.

Over half of the clients we engaged with were doing some intense scripting for their own unique purposes. Some scripting was for reporting. Some was for interacting with other systems. These clients all reported to us that they were excited that our apps provided the IDs to everything in Jira Software and Confluence. This reduced their development time by 119% and allowed for more testing of their scripts.

While the clients could have easily elected to install, cleanup, and delete our apps under the trial periods, they enjoyed our apps so much that they opted to pay for them and keep them as a critical part of maintaining healthy Atlassian cloud instance.

Sr. Atlassian Administrator

"The Instance Auditor apps are a dream! The most powerful administrator apps in the Atlassian Marketplace by far. These apps avoid all of the cumbersome clicking around by centralizing all of the information an administrator would need to identify clutter, the owners of that clutter and just get a feel for how the Atlassian products are being used. The apps also provide beautiful visuals that further enhanced my experience by summarizing key totals in a single screen. My life has been much easier since installing these apps."