Support Policy

RenWare aims to respond within (24) hours to new support requests and provide an update a minimum of ever (72) hours for existing support requests, although we often respond much faster since the case will be assigned to a specific RenWare support resource. Because we have clients working across several different timezones, we try to prioritize our support request so that we can provide the best-in-class level of support for all of our customers across many continents. RenWare will take exceptional effort to provide support in accordance with our defined SLAs, but will not be held responsible for delays caused by the Client or any of the Client’s Agents or any other reasons outside of RenWare’s control.

Our Product Support SLA covers RenWare Atlassian Apps exclusively and does not cover support of any Atlassian products or any third-party software or other Atlassian Marketplace Apps.

(1) How to log support requests

For speedy support, RenWare recommends that customers use our RenWare Support Portal.

  • Use of the support portal requires the user to register an account with a valid email address for proper communication until the issue has been resolved.

  • RenWare “does not” offer phone support.

(2) Support hours and response times

The RenWare corporate office is based in Centennial, Colorado and therefore, are based on the Mountain Standard Timezone as defined below:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm MST
NOTE: Our support services will not be available during all US holidays and RenWare will respect communication delays for our international clients that may be caused by their local holidays.

(3) Support for paid-via-Atlassian-apps

RenWare support is available to customers with an active license “ONLY”. If your license has expired, you will need to obtain a valid one before support will be available to you.

RenWare support includes the following:

  • Assistance for purchased RenWare Atlassian Apps with an active license.
  • Assistance for RenWare Atlassian Apps that are under evaluation.
  • Assistance with installing, configuring and upgrading RenWare Atlassian Apps.
  • Investigating issues with using RenWare Atlassian Apps.
  • Investigating complex issues that involve our products as they pertain to the associated Atlassian product.
    • Our support is directly linked to Atlassian’s support of their products. If Atlassian does not support an issue with their product, RenWare will not provide support.
  • The support team may offer workarounds and/or configuration changes where applicable.
  • Through the lifecycle of our products, RenWare may collect feedback and feature requests to continue to ensure the highest quality possible in our products.
RenWare support “does not” include the following:

  • Phone support for RenWare Atlassian Apps.
    Training for RenWare Atlassian Apps or other RenWare products as they related to Atlassian software.
  • Support for any RenWare Atlassian Apps or older versions of our apps that are beyond the end of their lifecycle.
  • One-on-one or groups sessions via Slack, WebEx, Zoom or other similar platform.
  • Support for any Atlassian products (e.g., JIRA, Confluence, etc.) or third-party applications (e.g., Salesforce, Aha!, etc.).
  • Help with programming (including any scripting) that may be involved with the use of our RenWare Atlassian Apps.
  • Creating patches/hot fixes for previous releases or retired RenWare Atlassian Apps.
  • Support for any RenWare Atlassian Apps used in conjunction with Atlassian products at versions that are no longer supported by Atlassian.
  • Support for any RenWare Atlassian Apps used in environments or platforms that are no longer supported by Atlassian (e.g., Web browsers, databases, etc.).
  • Support for any RenWare Atlassian Apps that have been applied to a Community, Non-profit, Developer or Open Source license of Atlassian products.
  • Support for any free RenWare Atlassian Apps.

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