Journey to Atlassian Cloud


A video products and services company came to us via the Atlassian Partner Directory after speaking with other platinum and gold level partners. They needed to migrate to the cloud, but had become frustrated with the quotes they had been provided. After learning more about our cost-effective migration solutions, they decided to engage with us to get them to the cloud. Their primary reasons for migrating to the cloud were to:

While the client had a small Atlassian footprint, they still identified savings if they eliminated the infrastructure that was supporting their current Jira Software and Confluence environments.

The world today is more cloud based and there are many high quality products that live in the cloud that integrate with Atlassian’s cloud products and not with the on-prem versions (at least not easily).

The client was on “extremely” old versions of Jira Software and Confluence. In fact, the Jira Software version was so old that it was still called Jira. So the client not only wanted to eliminate the need for upgrades in general, they really didn’t want to bother with bringing their existing environment current.

The RenWare Way

The client contacted us and we introduced them to our cost-effective solutions to resolving their defined business objectives.

We started with reviewing the versions of their existing Jira Software and Confluence installations as well as the versions of the plugins each product had installed. We also had to review an upgrade path because those instances would need to be upgraded before the cloud equivalents would accept the imports. Finally, since we needed to migrate both Jira Software and Confluence to a new cloud instance, we needed to account for migrating the spaces manually because when you have both Jira Software and Confluence setup in the cloud, you cannot migrate the entire Confluence instance like you can with Jira Software.

  • Because the versions of Atlassian products were so old, we not only had to perform our usual planning and upgrade activities, but also how we would address the migration of each space. Luckily, we only needed to account for 67 spaces.

Our experts had the client generate backups for the existing Atlassian instances and provide them to us for use in our Atlassian lab. In our lab, we setup two Windows PCs; one for Jira Software and one for Confluence. Our lab was initially setup with the same versions the client was using for both Jira Software and Confluence as well as all apps installed in each. Then we downloaded all of the upgrades that would be needed along the way. The client had an existing cloud instance that they were not using so we used that for testing purposes.

The work in this phase was a bit off the beaten path because the client’s versions were so old. But the following are the high-level steps that were taken during this phase:

  • Install each machine with the appropriate version of Jira Software and Confluence.
  • Install all of the necessary apps matching the client’s versions.
  • Import the client provided backups into our lab PCs.
  • Upgrade each PCs with the relevant upgrades until each product was brought to the latest versions.
  • Install the Atlassian migration tools.
  • Using the respective migration tools, migrate Jira Software to the cloud instance and then Confluence.
  • Validate each migration to ensure all data, configurations attachments, etc. migrated successfully.
    •  Identify and resolve any issues that were found during validation as well as for each step in the runbook.
These steps were repeated for each test run that we executed, but at the end of the final test run, we finalized the runbook that contained the detailed steps for a successful migration for both Jira Software and Confluence.

For the production run, our team used the runbook that was put together during the testing phase. We used the test cases created during the testing phase to validate the migration and the client provided a final approval before allowing all users to access the newly created cloud instance. The final migration took place over the weekend to ensure the new instance was available to the users on the following Monday.

The final consolidation and migration activities took place over a weekend window and upon receiving the final approvals from the client Sunday afternoon, we released the new cloud instance to remaining users for use on Monday when they returned to the office.

All engagements with RenWare include one week of post-launch support to ensure any issues are resolved and the client’s resources are properly mentored for a successful transition upon completion of the engagement. Due to the fact that the Atlassian Cloud interface is different from the Atlassian Server interface, we spent some time answering user questions.

The Results

RenWare provided the client with the desired outcome. They were migrated to the cloud and were able to continue to use their installed apps and integrations. There was no data loss and the user's permissions remained in tact.

During the course of the engagement, our experts identified a couple of areas for enhancements that they knew the client would welcome. The following items were added to the engagement at no additional cost to the client:

  • Integration back to their on-prem instance of Bitbucket
  • Mentoring on the proper use of Atlassian Access
  • Setup and configured Atlassian Access to the client’s SSO solution.

At RenWare, we practice what we preach, so all work for this engagement was setup in Jira and Confluence. We created a Jira project and integrated it with a Confluence space. We also created project-level and management-level dashboards and pages so our progress was easy to track and our client was always working with the most up to date information.

The client also gave us high marks for using our our unique methodology, which ensures there is minimal disruption to the client’s daily business operations and project activities. The client was only involved when testing needed to occur and we were able to limit the number of meetings significantly.

VP, Development Services & Business Systems

"I was happy that I took the time to shop around as RenWare not only successfully completed the project, but I also saved 82% over what other Atlassian partners quoted me. Should I have future Atlassian needs, I'll be sure to engage with RenWare again."