De-clutter your instance, gain performance

Instance Auditor (Confluence) is the second app under the Instance Auditor suite. It allows you to quickly review all of the spaces, templates, and themes in your instance.

Easily see the last time a space was updated to determine if it is a candidate for archival or removal. Get detailed information about each space such as total number of pages, total number of child pages, the number of attachments in the space, and the total size of all of the attachments in the space.

When you're ready to cleanup, simply leverage the bulk deletion feature to rid your instance of clutter fast.

Instance Auditor (Confluence) - Spaces


How many spaces do you have and how many have not been used for years? Quickly determine candidates for deletion or export the data to have further conversations with stakeholders and space owners. Once you've finalized your list of candidates, simply select the proper rows and delete them. Don't go to each space to perform this simple task.
Instance Auditor (Confluence) - Space Details

Space Details

Natively, Confluence doesn't give you totals. You have to manually count pages and attachments within each space. Space bloat stems from attachments, but one never knows the total size of all of the attachments. That's where our app comes in. Quickly obtain all the details you need without going to each space.
Instance Auditor (Confluence) - Templates and Themes

Global Templates and Themes

Whether it's global templates, blueprint templates, or themes, our app will give you a listing of each of these items so you can review what you have and eliminate what you don't need. Reducing the unused clutter in your instance will ensure Confluence keeps performing optimally so your used do not have any negative experience while they work.
What awesome features to you get?
Critical date in a single location

No clicking all over the place to get critical information about your instance. Our tabular format provides detailed, centralized information for easy review.

Easy removal of clutter

Unlike native Confluence, our app allows you to bulk remove spaces, templates, and themes in minutes. Make your admin's life easy so they can focus on supporting the users.

Export data to popular formats

Show/Hide columns and drag & drop them into the order you wish to see them to view the data you care about most. Then export the data for detailed discussions.

Migrate to the cloud, then clean

Migrating or consolidating cloud instances? Don't have time to cleanup beforehand? Move to the cloud and let our app assist your cleanup efforts confidently.

Missing in native Confluence


Parent/Child breakdown

Native Confluence, the page metrics are a flat listing of the pages. You cannot determine which ones are parent pages and which ones are children. Our app resolves this limitation and shows you the breakdown.


Number of attachments

Instance Auditor (Confluence) shows you the number of attachments per page and allows you to sort on that columns so you can see which pages have the most attachments on them. So you know where to go for cleanup.


Total size of attachments

Not only does our app show you the total size of attachments per page, it also gives you the grand total of attachments in the space. Native Confluence only gives a long listing and you have to manually add them up.

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